So I got a new sewing machine over the holiday, which is awesome, but I currently don't have a dedicated place for another sewing machine so my desk has to be cleared off or I have to swap out machines when I'm ready to use.  Which is another problem to solve at another date. Today's post, I am going to address the clutter at my desk when it is time to sew. This will also solve the endless search for missing tools when I am in the middle of a sewing project.

After searching Pinterest for a solution to my problem, I decided that a Sewing Caddy might be just what I need. So today I'm going to share how I  made a simple sewing caddy for my desk.

Here is what you need

Cut fabric panels 19 x 25

  • Fabric panel 1 a fun pattern
  • Fabric Panel 2 a solid color
  • Fabric panel 3 fleece (I chose this fabric in hopes of muffling the sound a little)

Cut fabric panel 19 x 9

  • Fabric panel 4 same fun pattern
  • Fabric panel 5 solid color
Create a pocket by sewing your panel 4 and 5 together. Leave opening to turn right side out.
Layer fabric panels together in this order 1, 4, 2, 3.

Layer fabric panels together in this order:

1 (your fun pattern)
4 (your pocket)
2 (solid color)
3 (fleece)

Sew panels together on three sides, leave top open to turn fabric.

Sew all panels together on the sewing machine on three sides to secure your pocket in place. Make sure to leave the top open.(Should look like an open pillowcase) Now you can turn the fabric on the right side. You know you have turned it correctly if your pocket is visible.

Check your pocket, iron fabric and top stitch pocket sections to fit your tools.

Once you have turned your fabric, It is time to iron your fabric. This is an important step if you want to get your final stitches straight. Then close the opening on your sewing caddy with a straight stitch.

Final Step, the Pockets.
With a ruler measure out the number of pockets, you desire or use your tools as a guide. Use a tracing wheel, tailors chalk or fabric pen to mark your guides. Then hop on your machine and do a straight stitch down the front of the pockets.

Now it is ready to use! Talk about totally necessary for my sewing tool!

All the items on this blog post were purchased with my own money and are not sponsored. I am not an expert at sewing and love sharing sewing projects that I am currently working are to inspire others to get busy creating.