Time for another easy project. The Sleep Mask is an excellent gift for anyone in need of a good night of rest after traveling, or need to block out the holiday lights. My first one took about 30 minutes to complete. After I finished my first one, I was able to get a rhythm and complete from start to finish in 10 minutes. That is great because that means everyone might get one in their stocking this Christmas!

Must-Have Tools:

  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Black Elastic (15" long)
  • Material (Cotton Fabric, Fun Pattern)
  • Luxe Flannel Fabric (black or dark pattern)
  • Fusible Fleece or Fusible Interfacing
  • Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse

Let's Get Started

Download and print pattern; if you do not have a printer, tape a piece of parchment paper to your monitor and trace with a sharpie marker. Double-check that the measurements of your pattern should be approximately 3.375 x 8 inches

Step 1
Wash, Dry, and Iron your fabric

Step 2
Measure your fabric and fusible fleece into rectangles with scissor 4" x 8.25"

Step 3
Iron your fusible fleece or fusible interface to the wrong side of the material
Note: I chose a cotton fabric for the front of my sleep mask and luxe flannel for the side of the sleep mask that is touching the skin. I have had different sleep mask made of different materials, depends on what you like or doesn't irritate your eyes or skin.

Cut fabric and interfacing 4" x 8.25" rectangles and iron to fuse to fabric.

Step 4
Now pin the pattern to fabric and cut with scissors

Step 5
Measure elastic and cut 14” long
Note: White Elastic used only for visibility in this tutorial;
Black Elastic would look nicer and more practical.

Pin your pattern to fabric and cut with scissors.
Now you should have a total of three pieces: 1. Elastic, 2. Front 3. Back

Step 6
Pin elastic into the seam, laying elastic band flat and sandwich between your front and back of eye mask.

Secure elastic with pins, and pin fabric together with the elastic band between the material.

Step 7
Now stitch entirely around the sleep mask, leaving a 2 -3 inch opening at the top to turn your sleep mask to the right side of the fabric.

(Quick tip: Before closing your opening up, make sure the eye mask looks symmetrical, and the elastic band fits and aligns the way you have planned. If it is a perfect fit, turn your eye mask back to the wrong side and trim the excess fabric so the eye mask will look beautiful and flat when completed.)

Close opening and sweet dreams!

Step 8
Close the opening. The easiest and simple way to create a permanent seamless closing without a stitch is to use Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse, or you can hop back on your sewing machine and do a straight stitch around closing the opening.

Now you are finished, ready to use. Once you get the first one done, you should be able to cut and sew lots of these fairly quickly. I hope this was easy and relaxing for you as it is for me. Now go get or give a good night of rest!

This site does not use affiliate links, which means no commission is earned if you make a purchase via the link go directly to the vendor’s website. All the items on this blog post were purchased with my own money and are not sponsored. I am not an expert at sewing and love sharing sewing projects that I am currently working are to inspire others to get busy creating.