After visiting a friends house, I was awed by all the beautiful plants in her home. I decided to do my research and find a few plants that would be low maintenance for my house. The only plant I have ever had inside is a jade plant, which is easy to care for.

After my research, I found plants are very beneficial for the air we breathe indoors. Some plants can remove harmful elements from the air we breathe. That is great, so I made a list of the plants that matched up with my green thumb and are great at removing these harmful elements. I decided to buy a Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, Dracaena Assorted, Peace Lily and Chinese Evergreen.

First stop, visit your local nursery, they can be an essential resource for caring for these plants. I found that you need to really check your plant for damaged or discolored leaves, insects. When I purchased my plants, I also bought pots, potting soil, cactus soil, and plant food.

I am learning a lot so far, and my #1 tip I have learned was not to replant the pot immediately when you get home. Give your plants a couple of weeks in their new environment before replanting in new containers.

Here are a few reasons for each choice:

Spider Plant
Needs indirect sunlight. Don’t let the soil dry out completely.

Aloe Vera
Indirect sunlight, Needs watering about once a month, Juice from leaves can be used for many things

Dracaena Assorted
Needs indirect sunlight, Don’t let the soil dry out completely

Chinese Evergreen Maria
Truly a carefree houseplant, Needs the low indirect light and great for clean air indoors.

Peace Lily
Needs indirect sunlight, this plant will definitely let you know when it is thirsty, it leaves will droop. Excellent for neutralizing carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Pest Control

Just in case, I also researched pests. I know bugs are a part of the earth but I really have a love/hate thing for bugs and I really don’t want them inside my home. So I bought some Neem oil from Amazon to make an all natural plant-based, non-toxic pesticide.


Make it in small batches. Here’s how:

Small Batch (Indoor Plants)

  • One teaspoon neem oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon castile soap
  • 10 oz bottle of water

Large Batch (Outdoor Balcony Garden)

  • Two teaspoon neem oil
  • One teaspoon castile soap
  • 20 oz bottle of water

Well here goes the green thumb, I will keep you posted if I can keep them alive!

All the items on this blog post were purchased with my own money and are not sponsored. Just products I love, that also make my life a little easier. I am not an herbalist or a doctor. Do your research! Be sure you and your family members are not allergic to any of these ingredients before using this recipe.