Parents Getaway!!! Well, this is one thing we could not do without family.  And, yes we are back in Asheville to attend a wedding and a much-needed parents getaway. A weekend to celebrate love!

Our weekend starts with a short drive in silence, what? I know anyone who knows me knows, I always have my electronic or drum+bass thumping down the highway. For some reason, we decided to drive in silence and enjoy the view or talk about our little one and if the grandparents/family had everything they needed while we were away and other topics. We enjoyed having this time of uninterrupted conversation and reconnection.

Our first stop was to meet an old friend I have not seen in years for lunch. Which was great because we had so much to catch up on but never enough time. Lunch was at Laughing Seed Cafe, the #1 vegetarian restaurant in Asheville. One of our favorites spots, and it was even better without the interruptions from a kid.

We had yummy fresh salads with in-house dressings that had the most robust flavors. I washed all that down with a Cayenne and Ginger Kombucha on tap...yummy! After our tasty lunch we were off to explore the shops we never have enough time to normally due to a kid with a short attention span. We started with Malaprops Bookstore, EarthGuild art and craft supplies. The only thing to stop our leisure stroll was a looming thunderstorm. I think that is better than any child's meltdown.

After we reached exhaustion, we checked into our hotel for relaxation.

After resting up, we spruced up for Date Night! We left the car at the hotel, and even though the hotel had a shuttle, we opted to walk and enjoy the fresh evening mountain air. You discover more when exploring the city out of the car.

We had dinner reservations at the Corner Kitchen (always make reservations ahead). I mentioned this place in my last post documenting Family Fun in Asheville and this place is a favorite for breakfast for the family, but dinner is far more special with their ever-changing seasonal menu. We were excited to have a nice dinner, conversation, and able to take our time to enjoy every bite.

Porkchops served with rice, veggies, and shishito peppers (not pictured). Duck with green beans and sweet potatoes hash with Djon Mustard sauce.

Kid-free, we slept in until 9 am. Everyone with kids knows 9 am a big deal. We had a simple breakfast in the room consisting of a boiled eggs, assorted olives and salami, and a strong cup of coffee to get us on our way. Off to the Rivers Art District!


Even though I have a little one that enjoys art, we rarely get the chance to take it all in. We took our time to enjoy all the different kinds of art and be inspired to be creative or to step outside the box.

We went in an out of these industrial buildings that have been transformed into working art studios at the Rivers Art District. I loved the vibe of this area, the pops of color, graffiti-style art on the buildings, and signs that encourage you to explore.


Where we live, I think a lot of buildings are blank canvas just waiting for art. We need more of that in our city. We even discovered a group in the middle of a Cloth Fiber Workshop at BZ Design and met different artist doing cool stuff that will inspire us to get creative.

We also spent time in the antiques shop, which was one our favorite place to frequent before our minimalist days — always finding cool things to bring home. Even on this trip we still did not escape without buying something, oh well find what minimalist means for you and roll with it. After our explorations, we found our way to the Summit Coffee Co and settled in for an hour of sketching and coffee.

After filling our minds with art it was time to fill the belly. How can we visit Asheville and not stop at a brewery? So we opted for Hi-Wire and food from the on-site food truck FootHills, who use only local, pasture-raised meats. No stress; it was Reubens, Bratwurst (the special), fries, and beer… can't go wrong with that!

Pink Drink was my favorite! Best way to end the summer!

Then we were back to our hotel in time for a much-needed nap and a chance to get snazzy for the wedding. A storm rolled through: thunder and downpour of rain but not a drop at the ceremony! It was beautiful to be there and to celebrate marriage. After a delicious dinner, drinks, conversations, and celebrating the lovely couple, we were off to the hotel to rest our old bones — more room on the dance floor for the young folks.

This day was a great reminder that though our lives might get busy, you always have to find time to reconnect, cherish those special moments, and be thankful for every day/year together. To the lovely couple, Congrats!

Yes, we slept in again, this time 10 am, and then we had to checkout, I could not decide on a breakfast stop, so we headed to a familiar spot: Biscuithead. But, the parking lot was crazy, and the line was out the door...NOT TODAY!

So we decided to check out Tupelo Honey Cafe. I had this place on the list for a while, but with the long lines I just couldn't. Well, without a kid and time to waste, we decided to go for it. Guess what? We got a seat right away, no wait, what a surprise!

Fried Chicken and Biscuits & Tupelo Shrimp and Grits

The breakfast was terrific, biscuits and blueberry jam was brought to the table while we waited for our order. Service was on point, drinks and food came pretty fast to the table.  I had the Tupelo Shrimp and Grits....delicious! Not spicy or over seasoned just a perfect blend of flavors. My husband had the Fried Chicken and Biscuits with gravy, talk about a massive way to start your morning. Oh, and on our way out, there was a wait, we must have timed our visit just right.

Anyway, after that yummy brunch, we knew we had to walk it off before hitting the highway. My long-time friend reminded me of the Southern Highland Crafts Guild a little ways down the Blue Ridge Parkway. The oldest craft shop in the United States filled with art from local artists and a museum of folk art and crafts that embrace the Appalachian life.

Southern Highland Craft Guild just off Blue Ridge Parkway (left); Also stopped in Black Mountain to explore independent owned shops or find a rocking chair and take in the view.

After that, we decide to stop in Black Mountain, and glad we did! Cute town with lots of bookstores, artisan wares, tea shop, restaurants, beer, and of course we stopped into a coffee shop to get a jolt of java. The Dripolator Coffeehouse has awesome cozy decor and an excellent coffee. A great time to break out our books/sketchbook and enjoy the sounds, coffee, and view. Refreshed, and missing our little one, we hit the road—music thumping down this time—and no traffic to slow us down.

So our getaway was lots of relaxation, art, shops, food, time to reconnect, and yes, lots of coffee. We hit up as many coffee shops we could; places we seem to be lacking in our area, and I treasure those unique places to chill, recharge, reflect, and chat about our goals in life. But the best thing about our getaway was to see a young couple make vows to one another and start their journey together, and last but not least, the smile on my little one’s face when we came back home… refreshed and ready for play!

If you have not taken the time or lack the funds to have a parents getaway, plan a staycation, and find what helps you reset. Whatever you do, it is essential to reconnect with the one you love.

This site does not use affiliate links, which means no commission is earned if you make a purchase via the link go directly to the vendor’s website. All the items on this blog post were purchased with my own money and are not sponsored. Just sharing our parents getaway experience and hope you will be inspired to start cherishing moments together.