There are needs and wants. A call to minimalism and a lover of quality items that last. A saver of dollars and memories. The call to embrace environmentally friendly solutions that help mother nature remain beautiful and here for the next generation. Not living in fear, but a seeker of truth, being informed, being creative, learning and sharing. My blog is kind of like a journal of all my interests and projects. I’m hoping others might be inspired. -Quintella Pruitt

Unnecessary Info (just for fun)

Go to trip snacks: Dill Pickles and Airheads
Celebrity Crush: Old School- Eric Roberts New School- Cillion Murphy
Favorite Movie: Ikuru
Favorite Music Genre: House Music & Drum-N-Bass
Favorite Music Podcast: Deeper Shades of House & Hospital Podcast

Ok, now that's enough. Please follow and if you have one of these favorites let me know.