I’ve had a busy summer, but I have found time to get in some reading while relaxing and trying to stay cool. Here are a couple of books that should be on your must-read list (or audiobook wishlist, for busy parents). Yes, and I believe audiobooks still count as reading, it's better than missing a fantastic book.


By Octavia E. Butler

This author has a different take on sci-fi and fantasy. Octavia E. Butler takes the reader time traveling with a modern black woman back to a plantation in the south.Especially dangerous for a free woman, who is used to being free.

Octavia is no longer alive today but left us with more books worth reading. I will be reading more of her books.

The Stand

By Stephen King

Usually, I go for Sci-fi and Fantasy books for an escape, but I decided to just choose one from the top seller books without reading the preview.

I ended up with my first Stephen King book, and I was not disappointed. A disturbing book—especially today with the debate of vaccines—but the battle between good vs. evil is far more disturbing. This book is just too close to what could happen today, but even so, I just could not put it down.

So pick up a book at your local book store to read by the pool, on the balcony/deck or an audiobook for your next road trip.

All the items on this blog post were purchased with my own money and are not sponsored. This is my opinion of the books I read (and would read again). Read them if you wish, it may become a favorite for you too. No time to read? Check for an audiobook. No money, or keeping your minimalist lifestyle in check? Visit your local library.