Ok, today is the day! I decided to start my blog! After many years in Graphic and Web Design helping small local businesses, corporate businesses and bloggers build their brand; I decided I wanted to share the things that make me, me. The things I like to do in my spare time.

That being said, here is a tidbit about me: I am always smiling (a grin from ear to ear) a noise maker (due to my listening of too much electronic and drum & bass music), doodler (a habit during meetings), and a most recently, a minimalist. Which is hard to be when you are continually collecting prints, fabric scraps, and art supplies for varies projects.

My blog is kind of like a journal of all my interests and projects. I’m hoping others might be inspired. My blog will not have every detail laid out to follow as That’s Not Necessary; it is more of a starting point, and a shout out “You Can Do It.” If you fail, try again.