Ok, it is cold out, but it is still the perfect time to make popsicles. These popsicles will come in handy when your family is under the weather. Keeping hydrated is a must. So instead of just drinking juice and water, I try to make a fun and tasty treat, without artificial colors or extra sugar.


To create these colors:

  • Red: Beet Powder
  • Yellow or Orange: Turmeric Ground
  • Green: Matcha Powder

First, I make a simple syrup. Simple syrup is just filtered water with honey or sugar. I like to use honey. Heat water just enough to dissolve the sugar or honey in the mixture. Don't add too much sugar or honey, just a hint of sweetness is enough for a tasty popsicle.

Then, I add a splash of lemon to my mixture. Next, I add my all natural food coloring of choice. Now I’m ready to mix: pour contents into molds, pop into the freezer and in a few hours, you have your very own hydration popsicle for the entire family. I use the molds I have... who said mom and dad can't have a rocket ship shaped popsicle!

I am not an herbalist or a doctor. Do your research! Be sure you and your family members are not allergic to any of these ingredients before using this recipe. All the items on this blog post were purchased with my own money and are not sponsored. Just products I love, that also make my life a little easier.