Happy New Year!

So with every start of the new year I write down all the things I would like to accomplish. From that crazy list, I will pick 2 things that are totally doable (easy, no-stress), and 1 thing to challenge me. That way at the end of the year I know I will always end up with 2 out of 3 completed.

Last year's list of goals started like this:

  • Spa Day once a week
  • Workout 4 days a week
  • Drink more water
  • Cut the Sugar
  • Start Blogging
  • Meal Prep family meals
  • Purge stuff
  • Take a class
  • Save some money

These are all things I worked on throughout the year, but I only chose 3 to focus on.

Top Three Goals Last Year

  1. Blogging (blog post once a week)
  2. Workout (4 days a week)
  3. Spa Day (every Friday)

First thing I did was purchase a planner and wrote down all the things I would like to blog about. Then I set up a regular work schedule. This also included time to research and to do my DIY, etc. Then I scheduled to post once a week.

Workout (4 days a week)
Like the entire spring/summer I didn't miss a workout, but once the cold weather rolled in and holidays hit, I was done. I'm ok with that.

Spa Day
Every Friday was relaxing Spa Day (Not the entire day, for we all have things to do). Hair (just regular TLC; sometimes we don't give our hair the extra attention it needs). Skin: dry body brushing, exfoliation, and nail-care. I’ll share my entire Spa Day routine some other time.

That's it. Looking back, I have to say I didn't let 2018 pass while doing nothing. I even accomplished some things I didn’t plan on. I feel great about that.

Now it’s time to sit down and figure out my goals for 2019. I hope this will inspire you to set some goals for this year too.