I love trying different techniques on canvas. Typography, layering, and texture. Texture can add so much more to painting, and I have tried many different methods for creating a textured surface and adding depth to an art piece. I watched many videos on youtube about this subject and found even more techniques. So today, I am sharing a method I recently tried for the first time.

Tools I used:

  • Tissue paper
  • Gesso or Mod Podge.

I had an acrylic painting on canvas that needed an extra layer of depth. With nothing to lose, I covered the part of the art I wanted to protect with rubber cement glue. This glue can be rubbed off later after you finish the texture. In this case, I covered the little sad blue man and voice bubble.


Then I tore the tissue paper into shapes that would fill the area where I wanted to create texture. Tearing the paper gives it a rough organic feel. Then I crumpled the tissue paper, and I placed the paper on top of the painting to make sure the shape would fit in the space.

Then I covered the tissue paper with gesso or mod podge with a paint brush. Don't worry about the wrinkles, just get messy and allow the layering to start.


Once it was complete, I used my acrylic paint to cover the tissue paper.


This painting is not complete, it is a work in progress, but I like this technique for adding texture.