The Wind in the Reeds

It is Hurricane season, and I thought this was the perfect audiobook to download and listen to while waiting for the storms to pass. I loved this book and was so glad that Wendell Pierce read it. I laughed, I cried, and I feel like everyone needs a ‘Mama Tee’  and to embrace your art. Also, I have never visited New Orleans, and it was nice to hear why this place should be on my list of places to visit. Even if it is not the same. (before Katrina)

By: Wendell Pierce, Rod Dreher

Watership Down

Become one with the rabbits as they make a journey to find a new home. My little one is too small right now to sit still  (a little scary)  for a book like this, but I’ll be adding it to his must-read list when he is older. The audiobook is a must for road trips.

By: Richard Adams

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Really makes you THINK we need to take a much-needed look at science, how it helps and hurts us. Everyone should read this book.

By: Rebecca Skloot

All the items on this blog post were purchased with my own money and are not sponsored. This is my opinion of the books I read (and would read again). Read them if you wish, it may become a favorite for you too. No time to read? Check for an audiobook. No money, or keeping your minimalist lifestyle in check? Visit your local library.