This year my little one really has the understanding of Christmas... NEW TOYS!
Well not really, but this is the perfect time to teach him some valuable lessons about the real understanding of what Christmas means to us.

I decided to create an Advent Calendar to teach some of those lessons. Let us be honest, most of us don't have time to do this every day in the entire month of December up until Christmas. So I picked certain days during the week so we can still be reminded all month long.

I decided to go with the boxes for my advent calendar so I could use this box as storage for my ornaments when the Holiday is done. Double duty!!!


  • 1 Large Box with a lid
  • Small Boxes with lids (small boxes should fit in the large box and still close)
  • Paper (Scrapbooking paper)
  • Glue

For the Large box, I lined the bottom of the box and decorated the outside with scrapbook paper I picked up at the craft store. Then I glued the small boxes into the bottom of the large box. Making sure there was room to remove the lid of the small boxes easily. I then decorated the lids of the small boxes with sketches, from my weekly art meetup where I have met some wonderful creative ladies. I used a stencil for my numbers and cut them out separately with a circle shape punch.


Good ideas that could be placed in the small boxes:

  • Make cookies
  • Leave a treat for the Mail Carrier in the mailbox
  • Donate a toy to charity
  • Make Christmas Cards
  • 1 Random act of kindness
  • Watch, A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Feed the Birds
  • Pay for a stranger’s coffee
  • Donate food to shelter
  • Call a faraway friend to say hello
  • Make Hot Chocolate
  • Go see the lights around town
  • Pajama Day

Good items to place in boxes to make it fun:

  • Lego Man
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Ornaments


Hope this becomes a treasured family tradition for our family and maybe we will be inspired to make another box next year for more days. It is not about the gifts, there’s more to life than TOYS!